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Adopt an Acre

In the Mississippi Delta, agriculture is king, using most of the land and driving the economy. But it has taken a toll. Erosion, and unsustainable chemical and water use, have strained our natural resources to the breaking point and put the environment and the future of Delta farmers in jeopardy.

Embrace Hope with Regenerative Agriculture

Our acquifers are draining fast, and our soil is degrading. There is, however, hope. Farmers across the Delta are on the move, trying out a host of new practices in response to economic and environmental pressures. Among these new practices is “regenerative agriculture” - an eco-friendly approach to farming that builds the soil, cleans and preserves the water, and reduces or eliminates the use of chemicals, all while increasing profitability for farmers.


But time is not on our side, and a massive effort is needed to help farmers take on this challenge of a lifetime. With a multi-faceted operation, including a 1200 acre research farm in East Arkansas, Delta Conservation is aiding in that effort, aggressively promoting the development of regenerative agriculture suited to the Delta ecosystem.

Your Invitation to Stewardship: Adopt An Acre!

Our Adopt An Acre campaign invites you to help steward the land and safeguard our water for the future. When you adopt an acre, you back scientific trials of innovative techniques to reduce environmental damage and ensure a future for Delta farmers.

Be a Catalyst for Change: Donate Today!

Together, we will restore the soil, water, and wildlife of the Delta, through the transformative power of regenerative agriculture. Join us in adopting an acre and propel vital research forward. Your contribution today is a beacon of hope for the Delta's tomorrow.

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