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Growing regenerative agriculture in the Mississippi Delta

We’re building the region’s first training and research center for regenerative agriculture in Arkansas

A Farming Revival

A Farming Revival

Agriculture is the economic engine of the Mississippi Delta region, where 4 million acres of farmland produce an abundance of rice, soybeans, corn, wheat, and cotton.
Done right,
regenerative agriculture can build healthy soil with little or no inputs. Farmers can maintain yields with fewer expenses, which increases their profits. That means a stronger rural economy and a healthier environment.

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Productivity & Prosperity

We’re building the first research and training center for regenerative agriculture in the Mississippi Delta region. Our headquarters is Bearitage Farms, a 1,256 acre campus of wetlands, woodlands, and farms on the L’Anguille River in Eastern Arkansas.


A Big Delta Vision

Bearitage Farms is home to dozens of species of birds, from specklebelly geese to great blue heron to bald eagles, as well as deer, beaver, crappie, and slider turtles. Most of the property is conservation land. Arkansas State University conducts biological research here, the Bearitage Hunting Club visits every fall and winter, and the farmland is being transitioned to a biodiverse regenerative system.

Farmers Harvesting Crops

Develop training & technical assistance programs for farmers

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Build markets for regenerative crops

Black Soil

Research best practices suited to the delta ecosystem

Image by Marco Midmore

Host a biological research field station

Our Progress

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Partnering for a better future

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As a regenerative rancher here in Arkansas, I welcome Delta Conservation as an ally in our joint effort to heal our ecosystems and mitigate climate change. Together we can show the region how regenerative farming and ranching benefits the economy and the environment.

Donna Kilpatrick, Heifer International

Delta Conservation Advisor

Executive Team


Support Our Work

Delta Conservation is counting on your tax-deductible contributions to support Arkansas farmers.

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